10 Reasons Why This Fest is Best

In just one week, we’ll be shuckin’ and slurpin’ the night away on the Halifax waterfront. It’s the fifth year of our annual fest, and we’ve grown a ton along the way. This year’s Halifax Oyster Festival is sure to be the best one yet!

Our unique event draws the oyster fanatic, the oyster intrigued and everyone in between. We love uniting oyster farmers and fans in a community-centric space. This fest is not only an all-you-can-slurp experience: it’s a celebration of food, drink and entertainment. 

If you’ve never been to Oyster Fest, let us assure you that you just have to get some tickets! And if you’re already a convert, our list will get you counting down the days more than ever. 

Here are 10 reasons why this fest is best. 

1. Eat Unlimited Oysters


Just let that sink in. A ticket to Halifax Oyster Festival grants you an all-access-pass to fresh oysters from all over the East Coast. Chat with the farmers and their families as your sample the unique taste each farm has to offer! Last year we shucked 68,000 oysters. How many can you eat?

2. Annual Shucking Competition


Each year, brave souls take to the Oyster Fest stage and shuck their hearts out for the glory of the John Bil Memorial Cup. Shuckers of all levels, from both farming and restaurant backgrounds, face off as the crowd cheers them on. This year we have a new host, Daniel Burns; read about him here

3. Canada’s Biggest Raw Bar

We are proud to host the biggest oyster festival in the country! With 20 participating farmers, and three festival sessions, we go big. There’s nowhere better than Halifax to shuck all night long. 

4. Authentic Food Experience

Maritimers are proud of their coastal identity and Oyster Fest is a celebration of our roots. At Oyster Fest, we bring the ocean straight to you: you can eat fresh seafood right on the waterfront, under a tent with likeminded people who are passionate about doing just that.

5. Live Music!

Did you know there’s live music Friday night of Halifax Oyster Festival? This year we’ll welcome Rankin MacInnis and his band for some good ol’ fashion Celtic tunes. Rumour has it, oysters make you feel like dancing.

6. Oysters Are Totally Sustainable

Unlike many other farmed fish, oysters have very little negative impact on their surrounding environment. The farming of oysters requires no chemical treatment and therefore farming practices are not harmful to the surrounding water or environment. AND, oysters actually clean the ocean! Read more about oysters and sustainability here.

7. Awesome Volunteer Opportunity

We absolutely couldn’t put our festival without our amazing volunteers! People who volunteer with us for a four-hour shift are given a complimentary ticket to a session of their choice, a hat and official Oyster Festival volunteer t-shirt. Learn more about how you could join in too!


8. We Love Supporting Local

Oyster Festival brings together farmers from throughout the Maritimes, as well as brewers, wineries and distillers and other food vendors! The Coast is totally homegrown, and that’s the way we like to keep this festival too. A ticket to this fest means supporting the local economy! 

9. Eat the Ocean, Rain or Shine

No matter what the weather, we’ll be shucking our hearts out as scheduled. Although Oyster Fest takes place on the waterfront, our large tent keeps us cozy and sheltered. Our dress code is Maritime-themed; wear your comfiest sweater and rubber boots, but you’ll never have to worry about getting rained out.

10. A Reason to Visit 

People travel from all over to get shucked up on our shores. Oyster Fest was even named one of the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Halifax by Discover Halifax! We’re super proud to offer a unique event that brings oyster fans from both near and far. 

Are you convinced yet why this fest is the absolute best? We thought so! Get your tickets today.