The Halifax Oyster Festival is a 2-day raw bar event on the Halifax Waterfront. Ticket buyers can go chose between multiple tasting sessions featuring 16 different oyster farms from Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick. The festival itself is exciting, with a large white tent on the Halifax Waterfront—the energy is upbeat, loud and jovial. The sound of thousands of oysters shells being slurped and tossed into bins is stimulating. And during the shucking championships, chefs, restaurant staff and dedicated shuckers compete for cash alongside the general public in the Nova Scotia Oyster Shucking competition on the Gahan House stage. This is a high-energy event, hosted by Canadian Oyster Shucking champion Daniel Notkin.

The festival is at the end of September, celebrating the start of the Nova Scotia oyster harvest season.

There is no oyster festival like it in Canada.


Thursday September 28

The Pearl Jam

The Pearl Jam is an unique culinary evening to kick off the festival. Local chefs are paired up with Nova Scotia oyster farmers to create a menu to showcase local oysters. In small groups across separate stations you get to eat, listen and learn from these passionals oyster experts while enjoying a delicious cocktail pairing at each station featuring Nova Scotia Spirit Co. spirits. This year’s hosts include culinary superstar John Bil and Canadian Shucking Champion from Rodney’s Oyster House, Eamon Clark. Limited to 100 tickets.

Friday September 29

Tasting session 7 – 10pm

On stage
Halifax Caesar Competition presented by Walter Craft Caesar Mix

Pro and amateur compete to create the best caesar in the city. Oyster juice a must.

Saturday September 30

Tasting session 2pm – 5pm

On stage
Amateur shucking competition hosted by Daniel Notkin with $500 cash and prizes, live streamed by Shuck TV

Tasting session 7 – 10pm

On stage
Pro shucking competition hosted by Daniel Notkin with $500 cash and prizes, live streamed by Shuck TV


Nova Scotia has some of the best oysters in the world, from the fresh waters of Cape Breton island to . Did you know that oysters are alive until they are shucked?

Oysters will be available to purchase to take home.


Each ticket includes raw oyster samples from each farmer booth. Other food items onsite are available for purchase such as chowder, lobster rolls and the best fries in town. Personal baguettes will also be available on site to purchase, to soak up that sweet sweet oyster juice. Let us know if you would like to see other food at the festival we understand if your date is not a oyster lover.

Nova Scotia wine, beer, cider and spirit samples will be available to purchase on site. Award winning Benjamin Bridge, a festival partner, offers some of the best white and sparking wine in Canada that pairs perfectly with Maritime oysters.

Oyster Festival goers may bring a clear water bottle with them to take advantage of the Halifax Water taps. No alcohol will be allowed in from outside.


Halifax Oyster Festival is always looking for volunteers to help shuck, schlep and shovel. If you are interested in participating we would love to have you. Please contact events@thecoast.ca and let us know what you can help us with.