Halifax Seaport
1031 Marginal Road
(right beside Pier 21
immigration museum)
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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We have several different types of tickets to the festival:

Briny Pass 

Includes entrance and oysters at from all 15 oyster farmers


Includes VIP early entrance and access to the VIP lounge where private shucking, bar and extra appetizers will be served. Private washroom assigned for VIP only. 

Npoyster Pass

Includes entrance but no oysters.*

VIP Npoyster Pass

Includes VIP tent and lounge entrance but no oysters.*

*Oysters are not sold individually on site.



Oysters are included with a festival pass ticket but other food items and drinks are available to purchase on site. We try to keep each menu cost to under $12 for items such as chowder, lobster rolls and sausages. Nova Scotia wine, beer, RTDs, cocktails and non-alchoholic beverages will be available to purchase.



This year we are moving away from paper tickets and will be using scannable food & drink cards that can be loaded with dollars at one of the several kiosks at the festival. You will be given a $0 card when you arrive at Pavilion 22, and you'll be able to load the card at kiosks around the festival space using credit, debit and cash. Food & drink cards loaded with money can be used to scan at festival bars and food stations.

While we try to mitigate lineups, sometimes everyone wants a chowder all at once so we recommend pre-purchasing festival cards ahead of time. If you wish to wait until the menu is published, you can make a separate food and drink card purchase closer to the event time. Pre-purchased food & drink cards will be given to you when entering the festival. 

Lost or stolen festival cards cannot be replaced. 

There is no personal information attached to this card—it is just like a gift card you purchase at any story or restaurant. 




The Port of Halifax's Seaport area offers lots of free parking for events. The Seaport area is home to such destinations as the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 and the Seaport Farmers' Market. The Oyster Festival venue is Pavilion 22, at 1031 Marginal Road.



There are many buses that go along Barrington Street and Lower Water Street that would be convenient to take to the event with some walking/biking/rolling to get to Pavilion 22. Check Halifax Transit for more details.



Living in a harbour city offers us the unique opportunity to travel by boat! The Alderney and Woodside ferries from Dartmouth drop you off at the Halifax Ferry Terminal which is about a 10-minute walk (or corresponding bike/roll) from the festival site along the gorgeous harbourfront boardwalk. Check Halifax Transit for more details on ferry service and schedule.



Ride your bike to the site and park it for free!



November is a great time in oyster season, because the water temperature drops and the oysters fatten up. But Halifax's weather can range from warm to storm, sometimes within the same hour. Thanks to the Pavilion 22 venue, the festival can happen no matter what the weather. There will be a coat check by donation, with all proceeds going to Feed Nova Scotia.



Halifax Oyster Festival is a welcoming food and culture event! As a festival guest, you have a role in making this an accepting and inclusive environment for your fellow oyster lovers! All Coast hosted events have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of discrimination of any kind. If you see something happening that shouldn’t be happening, please inform a festival staff member or volunteer. If you feel unsafe at any moment, please tell someone. There are festival volunteers and staff on site who are here to help you. Any individuals found in violation of our anti-oppression and zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination may be removed from the festival grounds with no refund.

It should go without saying, but be kind to those around you, including those shucking and serving you oysters, don’t bite the hand that feeds you! We are all here to celebrate what makes us unique in Atlantic Canada and sharing in a world class seafood product, we look forward to spending a shucking-good time with you all!



We are happy to offer a festival experience that is inclusive and accessible for all. The Pavilion 22 venue has ramps and wheelchair-accessible washrooms in hopes the festival can be enjoyed by all physical ability levels

There is a space near the stage for wheelchair accessible viewing of the Nova Scotia Shucking Competition. And if you require assistance or space for equipment to make your festival experience more comfortable please let us know beforehand to we can accommodate your needs. We are aiming to present a festival with zero barriers for you to enjoy!

Please contact us at events@thecoast.ca with any questions or concerns and we will make every effort to accommodate you.



The majority of the oysters for consumption are the product of aquaculture, or more specifically, mariculture. But unlike many farmed fish, these shellfish have very little negative impact on their surrounding environment. The farming of oysters requires no chemical treatment and therefore farming practices are not harmful to the surrounding water or environment. 

More than this though, oysters actually CLEAN THE OCEAN! Oysters are filter feeders, consuming phytoplankton (free-swimming algae) and improving water quality while they filter their food from the water. As generations of oysters settle on top of each other and grow, they form reefs that provide structured habitat for many sea species. A mature oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day.

At the festival, we do our best to commit to a zero waste (or little waste) experience

Where possible we have made decisions to provide you with choices that help keep our oceans clean and allow oysters to grow and flourish in Atlantic Canada and around the world for years to come. Oyster shells are actually great for gardens and even great for the ocean. The shells left over from our festival are collected in compost receptacles on site. We work with local partners, gardeners, artists and more to distribute these shells after the event is over. If you would like to use some of the shells in your own garden, let us know and we can organize a collection opportunity.

We use compostable cups and napkins so please use the labeled compost bins on site to dispose of these as well. Pay attention to the labels on all waste receptacles to make sure you are using the correct bin for the correct item. Lowering our environmental footprint has been part of the story of Halifax Oyster Festival since the beginning. We are committed to bringing you as sustainable experience as possible but we need your help as well!



The dress code is MARITIME.

Think LLBean Signature mixed with a little Frenchy's thrown in. The event happens rain or shine or snow thanks to the indoor location at Pavilion 22, and there is a coat check, but to get in the November North Atlantic mood we recommend getting cozy in your favourite fisherman's sweater, big scarf and wellies. But don't forget your pearls.



No outside food or drink on site. 

Participating farmers are subject to change, see oysterfest.ca for the most up to date line-up. 

No smoking, vaping or cannabis on site.

Children under the age of 19 can attend the full Saturday afternoon session, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children under the age of 19 can attend the Friday and Saturday evening sessions, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian until 9pm. Children above the age of 12 must have a ticket.

Re-entry to the festival during your session is allowed but you need to have a wristband in order to re-enter.

Ticket issues can be directed to tickethalifax@thecoast.ca



You can reach the team behind Halifax Oyster Festival in care of The Coast, 2309 Maynard Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3K3T8. Phone 902-422-6278, events@thecoast.ca.



Volunteers help at all Oyster Fest sessions. If you want to explore food service, see how a big event runs or just be part of something awesome, get involved by filling out this handy form.