Meet Pearl, Halifax Oyster Festival's famous mascot.

Meet Pearl, your “terrifying” local mascot

We were excited this past week when the rest of the world caught up with the fire that is Pearl, our salty festival mascot. Since Monday, July 25, Pearl has been featured on BuzzFeed, CBC’s As It Happens and has been the catalyist for 100s of memes and hilarious comments after Halifax local Amy Landgon tweeted “this is the mascot for the Halifax Oyster Festival and i’m absolutely terrified of it.”

Pearl is a based on a drawing our colleague Aziza Asat did for us back in 2016 when we were creating our festival branding. She went away and came back a few hours later with:

Original Pearl drawing by Aziza Asat

The following year we asked local artist Helah Cooper to help turn Pearl into a living, breathing oyster mascot, and she came back with the iconic costume that seems to be freaking the internet out. After we saw such success with Pearly we commission another drawing and mascot from the same team, and in 2018 Pearl got a friend named Earl.

Pearl as a work in progress, photo Helah Cooper
Artist Helah Cooper, creator of the Halifax Oyster Festival Pearl mascot costume
Earl and Pearl, just a couple of not-at-all-terrifying bi-valve curious friends from Halifax Oyster Festival

Catch them at the festival this September 23 & 24th.