Why Nova Scotia Tidal Bay pairs well with oysters

Winemaker Gina Haverstock tells us why this pairing works.

When you think of Nova Scotia, what comes to mind? Is it the friendly faces? The ocean? Seafood? Or wine, perhaps?

In a province rich in both homegrown food and drink, taste is a huge reminder of home. 

Gina Haverstock, head winemaker at Gaspereau and Jost Vineyards, says Tidal Bay is “Nova Scotia in a glass.” And really, it is.

Tidal Bay is Nova Scotia’s first and only appellation wine, meaning it’s the only area this wine exists. Tidal Bay is a blended white wine and is known for its crisp, fresh taste. The wine has a signature character, which is said to reflect the coastal environment and cooler climate in Nova Scotia.

Since Tidal Bay is a blended wine and not made from a single grape variety, there are set standards that wine makers need to follow in order to maintain that signature Tidal style.

“It’s a white wine that is aromatic and mineral driven. It’s got bright and refreshing acidity, lower alcohol, and is dry to slightly off-dry in style,” says Gina.

Without getting too technical, the framework of a Tidal Bay is based on a structure of 3 allowable grape varieties. While each winery must abide by this structure, winemakers still have lots of wiggle room to put their own spin on the blend. 

“The whole idea of this blended wine is that doesn’t taste like just one variety, it tastes like the style… it tastes like Nova Scotia,” says Gina.

Have you ever heard the expression, “what grows together, goes together?” It’s a phrase used by people in the food and drink industry such as chefs and winemakers. 

In one interpretation of the expression, this saying refers to terroir — the way in food and wine from a region reflect the climate and soil of a region. 

“We’re almost entirely surrounded by the ocean in some way, and so, we’ve got a bounty of seafood and shellfish,” says Gina. “It just makes sense that this wine goes well with the seafood and shellfish from the area.”

If you’ve ever tried Tidal Bay and oysters together, you’ve likely noticed how well they pair. It’s an incredible combination with food science behind it; there’s so many characteristics of the area, all wrapped into one taste experience. 

We love having Tidal Bay available at Oyster Fest for this reason. For the first time, the longest operating and largest winery in Nova Scotia, Jost Vineyards, will join our event this time around. Experience the divine Tidal Bay and oyster pairing for yourself! 

Gina describes Jost’s Tidal Bay as “approachable, balanced in acidity, with a little bit of sweetness.” The winemaking team recently reworked their blend, which was met with accomplishment the first season on shelves: Jost Vineyards 2018 Tidal Bay was awarded The Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Nova Scotia Wine.

We can’t wait for you to taste this perfect pairing. Learn more about our partners and buy tickets here!